How can counselling help couples, individuals and organisations?

Positive Pathways welcomes enquiries from individuals, couples and organisations.  Counselling can help couples and individuals to develop an understanding of their situation, recognising and drawing on their own strengths to gain insight into problems.


Individuals and couples

Counselling can take people from feeling a victim of circumstance to begin a new approach to life in a fresh and more resourceful way.  If your relationship is in difficulties, counselling offers an opportunity to understand your issues.  Perhaps you are finding it difficult to cope with life?  Counselling can help you deal with your emotional distress.  Stress can be experienced in many ways, including:


bullet relationship difficulties, in past or present
bullet feeling depressed
bullet following bereavement
bullet dealing with major change
bullet anxiety and/or panic attacks
bullet coping with betrayal or an affair


Positive Pathways offers individual short term or long term therapy as well as couples counselling for those who are married or living together.



Research suggests that  employers offering counselling services to their staff can expect higher productivity.  Positive Pathways offers a flexible programme to employers in Suffolk, supporting staff during COVID19 and can help to reduce the increasing levels of stress experienced by their employees and in turn reduce absence levels.

Heather Potter BSc Hons, Dip.NLP, BACP
Tel: 07533 868110



Positive Pathways are proud to

provide face to face and telephone counselling services for:


CiC Confidential Care (for public and private sector employees)

Positive Private Practice

Ministry of Defence

University Campus Suffolk

The Birches Medical Centre, Kesgrave

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